While I never really enjoyed Social Media sites, in the early days, it was great to connect with people I hadn’t heard from in years. It was a nice way to get a window into people’s lives in a way that was hard to do before. The problem is that over the years, most social media sites have become algorithmically driven advertising platforms that prioritize marketing over real connections. As a result, I find myself generally bored by them and struggling to understand their use anymore.

My goal now is to stop posting anything on Facebook or Instagram as of early 2023, move all of my relevant content and images here, and eventually delete everything from their sites and close my accounts. I plan to and want to continue to have a robust presence on the internet, but I want to have it here, on a site that is 100% my own.

Instagram Posts

February 2023: Sloan

Sloan live at Café Campus, Montreal, QC

December 2022: New Orleans, LA & Toronto, ON

November 2022

October 2022

September 2022: San Diego, CA & Laguna Beach, CA & San Francisco, CA & Toronto, ON & Camp B’Nai Brith & Plank Appreciation Week

August 2022: Washington, DC

July 2022: Toronto, ON & Highland Games

June 2022: Pheobe Bridgers & Washington, DC & Waxahatchee

May 2022: Primus & Dinosaur Jr. & Mile-End

April 2022: Philadelphia, PA & Washington, DC

March 2022: Montreal Winter & Toronto, ON

February 2022: Montreal Winters

January 2022: Montreal Winter