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  • San Diego, CA – Laguna Beach, CA

    San Diego, CA – Laguna Beach, CA

    Thanks to the opportunity to speak at MCN’s annual conference, I was able to get in a trip to San Diego, CA, right as Montreal is settling into a wintery deep freeze. After the event ended, I took Amtrak to Orange Country to visit some relatives for a few days.

  • San Francisco, CA

    San Francisco, CA
  • Laguna Beach, CA

    Laguna Beach, CA

    Whenever I get the opportunity to travel to Southern California, I make sure to take a long walk along the ocean at Laguna Beach, CA. Our walk allowed for many opportunities to take in the beauty of this part of the world. Our walk began at the Main Beach, and the first leg of the […]

  • My Mom: Los Angeles, CA

    My Mom: Los Angeles, CA

    The main reason for my trips to Southern California is to visit my family, who moved there from Montreal over 20 years ago. We’ve kept in touch, and I do my best to visit them once a year if I can. This time around, it was for a very special occasion as my cousin Bram […]

  • Laguna Beach IV, CA

    Laguna Beach IV, CA