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  • True Crime, Centaur Theatre, Montréal, QC

    True Crime at the Centaur Theatre

    I’ll admit it until we started working with Centaur Theatre, I hadn’t set foot in their venue in years. While I had recently seen the off-Broadway play The True — starring Edie Falco, Michael McKean, Peter Scolari and John Pankow — I hadn’t been in a Montreal theatre since we worked with the Segal Centre […]

  • The Children, Centaur Theatre

    Written by Lucy KirkwoodDirected by Eda HolmesA Centaur Theatre and Canadian Stage Co-production

  • The True, New York City, NY

    The True: Ticket

    The year is 1977, and Dorothea “Polly” Noonan is trying her best to wield her political power in a male-dominated world. As her hero battles for control of the Democratic Party while also fighting a primary challenge, Polly must step up. Edie Falco, Peter Scolari and Michael McKean star in this strictly limited-run play by […]