Contact This is my primary email and you can be sure that I check it every day. While it may be associated with Plank and work, it’s still the place you are most likely to find me and where you are most likely to hear back from me. I have a series of other emails strewn across the internet but since I rarely check them, I won’t encourage you to use them.

FacebookMy general rule with Facebook is that I need to have actually met you in person and have had a conversation with you — even if it was brief — to add you to Facebook. I don’t publish anything particularly private, but I’d like to keep it for what I think it should be — a place to share things with people I know… and Mark Zuckerberg.

TwitterMy profile is open and I encourage anyone to add me on Twitter. This is where I’m comfortable being totally public. The Tweets are usually about thoughts that come into my head, interesting things that I like and conversations with people that I know or want to get to know better — the usual fare. I can’t promise that if you add me I will add you back but if you aren’t some bot and don’t look spammy, it’s more than likely that I’ll follow you.

LinkedinHere’s where you’ll find the professional me. I’m now spending quite a bit of time on LinkedIn. I really like how it’s evolving — so come and find me there! The rules aren’t as strict as Facebook where I have to know you personally; however, for a connection to happen there should be some mutual benefit. (That is, I won’t connect with those who just want access to my connections.)

Warren Wilansky