Van Halen, Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC

While a few of my friends managed to get to the 1984 tour which was the last one with David Lee Roth, I had to settle for the 5150 tour with Mister Sammy Hagar as the new Van Halen lead singer. The seats were not too bad for some 15-year-old kid (5th row on the floor) who went to the Montreal Forum with a few friends. 25+ years later I don’t have too many memories of the show except that I was disappointed that there was very little material from the 1984 album. I shouldn’t have been surprised since they were trying to clearly move on from the DLR years.


You Really Got Me  (The Kinks cover) – There’s Only One Way to Rock (Sammy Hagar song) – Summer Nights – Get Up – Drum Solo – Dreams – “5150” – Bass Solo – Panama – Best of Both Worlds (Includes “Addicted to Love” snippet) – Love Walks In – Good Enough – Guitar Solo (Includes Cathedral, Eruption and Spanish Fly) – I Can’t Drive 55 (Sammy Hagar song) – Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love


Why Can’t This Be Love – Rock and Roll



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