Billy Idol, Montreal Forum

Whiplash Smile Tour
Opening Act: The Cult


4 responses to “Billy Idol, Montreal Forum”

  1. warren hersh Avatar
    warren hersh

    Do you recall who the other act was for that Billy Idol concert on May 29, 1987 ?
    I was there and recall the golf ball sized hail storm that eve and then the exact repeat hail storm the next year on the same date (?)

  2. Warren Wilansky Avatar

    I don’t and I wish I did. 🙁

  3. elissa Avatar

    I was there, it was The Cult. I took my dad’s ford thunderbird and it got dented by those golf size hail balls and another car slid into the car and my dad blamed me. lmao

  4. Chris Avatar

    I was there too. My first arena concert. I remember that ticket! Thanks for sharing!

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