The Cult, The Forum, Montreal, QC

In the mid-80’s I was quite a big fan of The Cult. I really liked their album Love and when they released Electric, I went crazy for them for a few years. Electric was a really good mix of stripped-down, simple rock and roll, which was a bit of a departure from Love.

When The Cult released Sonic Temple, I obviously bought it but was somewhat disappointed with it. While I think it was their most popular album, it was a bit too mainstream for my tastes. I was still more than happy to go see them when they came through town on the Sonic Temple tour, but my interest in The Cult would wane after this show.


New York City – Lil’ Devil – Automatic Blues – Love – American Horse – Sun King – Soul Asylum – Edie (Ciao Baby) – Guitar Solo – Rain – Sweet Soul Sister – Wild Flower – Fire Woman


She Sells Sanctuary – Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf cover) – Love Removal Machine

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Opening band: Bonham


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  1. Ron M Avatar
    Ron M

    I was at this show, 3rd row on the floor. Such a fun time was had by all my high school friends that went with me.

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