Indie Music Digest – Vol I No. III

***** Indie Music Digest *****
*** Vol I No. III – As of February 1, 1994
Have you ever walked into a bar and heard the most amazing band and wondered, “why aren’t these people known?” Or been struck by a recording that no one but your- self had heard? That’s because the music industry has the power to pick and choose one of a million artists, meaning most of us don’t get to hear the other 999 999.
Have you as an artist always hoped that more people could hear you music? Have you felt that no one understands what you are trying to do? That’s because if an artist doesn’t have a larger market the only people that might hear you are
locals, even if them at all…
This is where the Indie Music Mailing List comes in! This goal of this list is to give musicians an international link by which their music may find an open ear. It’s also a place that us deprived listeners get a chance to one of the
gems of the other 999 999.
If you are interested in being a part of this list e-mail me the information on your band as follows:
Name of Recording:
Price of Recording:
Postal Address:
E-mail Address (if available):
If you are interested in receiving a copy of the list, then send me your name and e-mail address. As well, all other com-
ments, info etc (I’d love to hear how your bands are doing) send to:
a.k.a Warren Wilansky
If I still need to convince you, let me say that over 100 people are subscribing to this list as well as people
strongly involved in the music world.
UPDATES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1) I’m now involved in the indie bands show here in Montreal and the station is looking to expand its indie library.
So, if you want some airplay here then send your demo to the following address:
C.F.L.I. – Radio Concordia
Indie Bands Show – c/o Andrew Procter
6931 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, P.Q.
H4B 1R6
The show is on from 7-8 p.m. Tuesday nights on 101.9 f.m.
2) There is an exciting new service on-line for bands. I’ll let Jeff explain it himself, I couldn’t do it justice….
At IUMA (geez, this sounds like a commercial) we take a song from any band that sends us a demo, record it onto our computer in near-CD quality, compress it in MPEG format to retain the quality at a smaller size, and upload it to our site along with a picture and and info sheet that the band writes. Basically, we are trying to let smaller bands achieve inter-
national distribution while bypassing the industry giants. We are kind of like a label/public radio station/distrubutor without the actual material product. Plus, there is no cost to bands nor to the listener. We just want to give indie bands without the resources or the major label appeal a chance to find their audience. People can listen to a song from the band, and then buy the tape/CD directly from the band.
So far, we’ve been interviewed for articles in Billboard (Jan 29th issue), Playboy, the San Jose Mercury, hi-REZ,
and several other publications. Plus, we are going to meet with a well off and well known guy (who I don’t want to mention until after the meeting) who is considering being our patron. We have the resources and the publicity, all we need now is more bands.
Basically, we’ve been working on setting this up for months now, and it all seems to be in place. We figure within the
next month, things should really start picking up. If you want to check out our site, read my sig. Right now, we are
working on am html interface, so people can use Mosaic to point and click their way through our site. And as soon as
we have that all set up, Adam Curry said he wanted to link us to MTV.COM. This means that there will probably be quite
a bit of traffic going through our site, which means more exposure for the bands.
Get in touch with Jeff at:

 Artist: The Upper Level
 Name of Recording: Indulgence?
 Format: Tape
 Style: Rock/Jazz
 Brief Description: Trio with some Rock covers,
 originals, jamming
 Price of recording: $2.00 shipping plus cost of tape..
 or free with trade.
 Address: The Upper Level
 c/o Brian Neumann
 620 Webster
 Amherst, Ma 01003
 E-mail address:
 Artist: Whipped
 Name of Recording: (self-titled)
 Format: CD
 Style: The grunge Mammas and Pappas
 Information: We are a Berkeley, California band
 which plans on touring the US in
 the Summer of '94. The music is
 dissonant power pop with strong
 male / female vocal harmonies.
 Price of Recording: $10 (includes shipping)
 Address: Whipped
 p.o. box 4179
 Berkeley, ca 97404
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: MISS
 Name of Recording: A pretty mess
 Format: chrome and/or metal cassette
 & DAT
 Style: progressive electronic dance
 Price: $5 for cassette and $12 for DAT.
 Will accept check(s) and/or money
 order(s). Please allow 2 to 3 weeks
 turnaround time.
 Brief Description: The recording was done in ADD.
 The tapes are packaged in a "For
 promotional use only. Not For Sale"
 fashion. The cassettes used for
 consumer purchases will be Maxell
 and/or TDK, unless otherwise
 Address: MISS
 c/o Christopher Adam
 822 North 65th Street
 Phila., PA. 19151
 E-Mail Address:
 Artist: Battalion
 Name of Recording: Battalion & Excessive Force
 Format: Cassette / Tape
 Style: Metal
 Information: Very heavy powerful stuff comp-
 arable to Pantera, older Maiden.
 Fan mailing list available by writing
 to address below.
 Price of recording: $6 each ($10 for both)
 Address: Battalion
 2822 MACOMB
 E-mail address:
 Artist: Pee
 Name of Recording: Urine Trouble
 Format: 4 song cassette
 (2 song 7" available 1/93 w/ Pee
 coloring book included!)
 Style: We dunno...noise-pop? kind of
 poppy, kind of noisy.
 Information: Pee is 3 boys and 1 girl.
 Pee is Kelly, Jim, Mike & Bob.
 Pee is from San Francisco, Calif.
 Jim used to play in Helicopter
 (San Diego); Kelly and Bob used to
 play in Garden Party (Santa Bar-
 bara/SF). We don't know about
 Mike. Pee is your favorite band.
 Pee is fun. Pee is for kids.
 Price of recording: tapes are $2, postage included.
 Address: Pee
 275A 27th Street
 San Francisco, CA 94131
 E-mail address:
 Artist: Bed of Eyes
 Name of Recording: Preacher
 Format: 7" single
 Style: semi-acoustic folk-grunge
 Price of recording: $3.50
 Address: C Starr
 1839 Santa Ynez
 Los Angeles, CA 90026
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: The Ked Parrock Orchestra
 Name of Recording: Got the World on a String
 Format: Tape
 Style: Big Band Swing
 Information: The band consists of the following
 instrumentation: 2 Alto saxes, 2
 Tenor saxes (1 of the tenors switches
 to Bari whenever a part is available),
 3 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Piano,
 Bass, Drums, and a female vocalist.
 (IMHO, this lady has one of the
 sweetest voices...perfect for this
 style of music. You judge for
 yourself.) The recording consists of
 14 tunes arranged for swing band.
 Price of recording: $10.00/ea
 Address: Mike Mitchell
 9400 Fredericksburg Rd. #2601
 San Antonio, TX 78240
 H: 210-690-1003
 W: 210-593-7687
 Ked Parrock
 H: 210-493-9130
 E-mail address:
 Band Name: Redemption
 Name of Recording: Please Don't Cry
 Format: CD and Tape
 Style: Christian rock/metal
 Information: 10 tracks, 2 instrumentals, ballads to
 fairly heavy... what else do you want
 to know? :)
 Price of recording: $10 for CD, $7 for Tape
 Address: Redemption
 920 N Main St
 Aberdeen, SD 57401
 E-mail address:
 Artist: The Smear
 Length: 4 songs, all original
 Influences: A cross between the velvet under-
 ground, uncle tupelo and REM
 About us: The smear is a band new to the scene
 here in San Antonio, but has mana-
 ged to pick up a small following in
 the two months we've been playing
 gigs. we've also played in college
 station, tx, and New Orleans. we're
 looking to tour around this summer,
 so any connections would be great.
 basically four guys who drink alot
 and play with feeling and don't fake pretention.
 Price of Recording: $1.00 if you mail a tape
 $4.00 if we have to use our own
 Address: The Smear
 715 Stadium Dr.
 San Antonio, Tx.
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: 210
 Name of Recording: Self Titled
 Format: Cassette
 Style: Independent Original Rock
 Information: We run the gambit from soft to
 heavy. Our songs follow uncommon
 melody lines and grooves. Very
 Price of Recording: $5.00
 Address: 210
 P.O. Box 42270
 Pittsburgh, PA 15203
 (412) 431-0610
 E-mail address:
 Artist: various (MKB Music Studios releases)
 Name of Recording: various
 Format: cassette tape (normal stereo)
 1/4" 2-track also available
 (costs more because of media)
 Style: various
 Information: I own the MKB Music studios, and
 am experimenting with all kinds of
 music and recording techniques.
 My first release, which I engineered
 and produced, is of a four-piece a
 capella singing group. The next re-
 lease will be a couple of my own
 compositions, performed by the
 studio's "house band". Future
 releases include a percussion drum
 troupe's freshman effort, and a
 couple of young rock bands' demos.
 Price of recording: varies, but usually only the cost of
 the media (i.e. the actual tape) plus
 "production costs" (usually printing
 and distribution *only*. I'm ab-
 sorbing all engineering costs for the
 first few releases).
 Address: 3420 Alabama Street
 San Diego, CA
 E-mail address:
 ** For mail list:
 Name: Michael Kerwin Breen
 E-mail address:
 Artist: Ruin
 Name of Recording: Ruin
 Format: Tape (consists of 8 songs)
 Style: Hard Rock
 Information: We are a young band (age 16-19)
 from Chicago. We have been playing
 for 4 yrs. with the exception of our
 keyboard player who has only been
 with us for 1 yr. Our style is as
 diverse as our influences (Poison,
 Van Halen, Metallica, Slayer etc.).
 We have played many parties and
 highschools in our area. We recently
 started playing clubs but this came to
 a halt with the resignation of our
 drummer. We have found a new
 drummer and hope to be playing
 again soon. Also, we would like to
 hear from any interested singers.
 Price of Recording: $3.00 (please send a self addressed
 envelope with adequate postage)
 Address: Ruin
 4828 S. Kildare
 Chicago, IL 60632
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Minor Ninth
 Out of : Maine, USA
 Album: A Spiritual Disco
 Style: not disco. You tell me.
 Address: c/o Reindeer Records
 (source of other good stuff)
 p.o. box 8238
 Portland, ME 04104
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Kings Ransom
 Name of Recording: The Big Prize
 Style: Hard Rock
 Price: $10 US (includes p&p)
 Information: A total original band from Perth,
 Western Australia.We do fairly
 technical Hard Rock in the Maiden,
 Queensryche, Priest vein. Our
 influences are many and varied
 (everything from Queensryche to
 Postal Address: King's Ransom
 14 Booligal St
 Western Australia, 6076
 Email Address:
 (Adam Soudure)
 Artist: Mercy Twin
 Name of Recording: Hand it over, the demo
 Format: Tape.
 Style: The style is guitar pop with some
 punkish stuff thrown in with some
 Neil Young and REM
 Information: We play in an around the Albany NY area.
 Postal Address: Mercy Twin
 324 Western Ave,2nd floor
 Albany,NY 12203
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Monkey House
 Name of Recording: Monkey House
 Format: Cassette or DAT
 Style: Alternative/extremely varied Rock
 Information: We're a 5-piece band (guitar, bass,
 keys, drums, sax). Most of the members
 write, so the material is quite varied.
 Price: $6 cassette, $12 DAT
 Postal Address: Ted Coen
 3 Poplar St.
 Pittsburgh, PA 15235
 (412) 795-7375
 Email Address: Tom Sullivan (
 Artist: Woolton Parrish
 Name of Recording: The Real Difference
 Format: CD (15+ Songs):
 All Of My Life (5:52)
 World Turned Around (4:25)
 Crucify (3:28)
 Sweet Morning Rain (4:22)
 Moments Of Joy (4:46)
 Scratch The Surface (4:34)
 The Little Prince (:26)
 Drifting (6:49)
 Winter's Longing (4:38)
 Peace of Mind (2:40)
 One With You (4:19)
 Spanish Inquisition (:26)
 Magic Of Now (4:19)
 Dream Aloud (4:03)
 More Money (4:50)
 Garden Of Trust (4:11)
 The Real Difference (3:15)
 Style: Popcore/Rock/Acoustic/Ecclectic
 Information: Woolton Parrish is: Stacy Maloney -
 Color Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards Paul
 August - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
 Brad Townsend - Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
 Kevin "K-Nine" Burress - Drums, Vocals,
 Milwaukee's favorite unsigned band
 continues to redefine itself and draw
 large enthusiastically dancing, sweaty
 crowds to clubs and festivals in the
 Milwaukee / Madison / Chicagoland area
 by playing high energy, ecclectic rock
 & roll. Songs range from Pop/Rock
 Anthems to acoustic/Cello/violin numbers.
 A new drummer and Bassist and the add-
 ition of a fourth member on guitar has
 added a harder edge to the music while
 retaining the positive and melodic
 nature that WP has become known for.
 Radio airplay throughout the midwest
 (and elsewhere, such as L.A. and Radio
 Riga, Latvia (no shit)) steady CD
 sales, and a WAMI (Wisc. Area Music
 Industry) award as The Peoples Choice
 Band make this a band to watch. New
 recordings and Expanded Touring (if
 the van keeps running) in '94.
 Price of Recording: $10 (Includes S&H) 15 songs!
 Address: Parrish Productions
 c/o Winston @ Agape Records
 2560 South Austin Street
 Milwaukee, WI 53207
 (414) 963-9633
 E-mail Address: P...@BFS.UWM.EDU
 Artist: craw
 Name of Recording: craw
 Format: CD, tape
 Style: loud
 Info: 5-piece from Cleveland, OH
 odd time signatures, heavier than
 lead, slightly disturbing.
 Cost: $12 CD, $9 tape
 Postal Address: craw c/o
 Choke, Inc Records
 1376 W. Grand Ave.
 Chicago, Il 60622
 E-mail questions to:
 Artist: CHESTER
 Name of Recording: A Touch of Ass
 Format: 15 song 60 min Cassette (high pos.,
 normal bias, +eq; stereo)
 Style: Noise-rokkin with _punk overtones_.
 Price: $3 ppd. We stay cheap, so should you.
 Brief Description: CHESTER is a molester. Join CHESTER and
 his wacky disciples as they roam through
 society picking on everyone with the
 best wit you've heard since Baby Sue
 comix. Chester is Candy Vendor, Don't
 Tell (both formerly of D.I.C. of b-more
 area), Father O'Malley (former singer
 of MILK --not the famous ones, the one
 from b-more), and Uncle Bob (from our
 old high school!) Imagine Tesco Vee if
 he didn't suck and had a good back-up
 band. CHESTER is loved and admired.
 The easily offended need not apply
 (and that's no joke).
 Address: Health Core Records
 P.O. Box 753
 Ellicott City, MD 21041
 Artist: D.I.C.
 Name of recording: Pinto Lo-rider
 Format: 16 song 45 min cassette (normal bias,
 Style: Power-rap with punk overtones
 Price: $2.50 ppd
 Description: Don't we all hate rap? Don't we all
 love rap? It doesn't matter. Some
 songs made with an Amiga 4000 with
 "sesame street" samples, others done
 with real bass and drums. Hear MC
 Crabby Crab's Prophetic statements in
 songs like "We Hit Hard" and "Pinto
 Power." If you've ever wanted to mock
 the "I'm real hard" image in rap, this
 is for you. Sounds like Cypress Hill,
 Sir Mix-a-Lot and Beastie Boys all
 (w)rapped into one. 5 guys and a girl
 from the Baltimore area.
 Address: Health Core Records
 PO BOX 753
 Ellicott City, MD 21041
 Artist: Breather Hole
 Name of Recording: Elastic Tea Party (92),
 (3 bands with 3EPs on 1 CD)
 Lament In Cement (93),
 Excavator (93),
 Anyone For Haggis (93),
 Format: CD (all EPs)
 Style: Original warped indie pop/rock/jazz
 tinged stuff
 Information: At present a 5 piece: drums/bass/gui-
 tar/viola/trumpet. All the releases
 totally independent and the new stuff
 is on our own label "Way Over There".
 Together for about 1 1/2 years and
 are 2 EPs into our 36 week 6 different
 CDEP release frenzy. How do we do aff-
 ord this? We know some *cheap* people!
 Some people say the band sounds like
 Captain Beefheart at times, which is
 OK. Other references might be "Moon-
 shake", that 70s prog stuff a-la "Can".
 We all like the Too Pure label bands
 etc etc etc. Played in most states in
 Australia, might have a Clawfist 7"
 coming out next year (UK 7" mail
 order label). If you want to know
 more, mail me.
 Price of Recording: $5US but ask us about postage 'n'
 stuff. We deliver!
 Postal Address: PO Box 4440
 Melbourne University, Parkville
 E-mail Address:
 Name of Recording: fido
 Format: CD and Cassette
 Style: Hard Alternative Rock
 Information: We are a four piece band from
 northern Wisconsin. Have been
 together for 2 years and have
 just recently started playing
 in the Twin cities, SE Minnesota
 and Wisconsin in support of our
 CD. The recording was done @
 Premiere 24 track Studios in Wausau, WI,
 took two weeks to record, and contains
 11 songs.
 Price of Recording: $10 for the CD, $7 for the Cassette
 Postal Address: FICTION DOG
 P.O. Box 471
 Rochester, MN 55903-0471
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: The Madding Crowd
 Names/formats: "Hang to Dry" b/w "Belanon"
 (7" single)
 "The Madding Crowd"
 (4-song cassette)
 Style: Indie Pop
 Information: Melodic, guitar-oriented pop, some-
 where between Kitchens of Distinction
 and Blake Babies. (If you prefer, a
 local critic described us as a mix of
 Joy Division and the Three O'Clock.)
 Price of recording: $3.00 for 7" single,
 $4.00 for cassette (includes S&H)
 Address: The Madding Crowd
 P.O. Box 54135
 Riverside Station
 Minneapolis MN 55404
 Band Name: Altruistic Suicide
 Album: Human Machine
 Format: High Quality cassette tape.
 (Duplicated professionally)
 Style: "Organic Industrial"
 Description: Influenecs of Noise collage, blues,
 thrash, and ambient music performed
 with processed sounds, minimal seq-
 uencing, and live bass, guitar, etc.
 Reviewed in most recent Issue of
 Industrial Nation (#8)
 Price: $5.00 postpaid, 1st class. Checks etc
 payable to: CASH
 Address: Help Wanted Productions
 P.O. Box 2205
 Phila., Pa 19103
 Name: Walking With Edna
 Recording: Triple Dip Trip
 three song aural excitement
 Format: 7-inch vinyl
 Recording: Crawlspace, 5 song imaginary album
 Format: Cassette
 Style: Spaz-Core
 Info: Walking With Edna, a subsidiary of the
 PFIZOR corporation, is a Cleveland
 based band, with two of its members
 being genetic experiments resulting in
 the cross-breeding of arthropod and
 Price: Cassette: $2.50($2 plus .50 for
 postage) 7-inch: free, with s.a.s.e
 (two or three stamps should do) other
 stuff available, send for mail order
 catalogue. Make checks payable to
 Randy Wood.
 Adress: Walking With Edna
 84 N. Lancaster
 Athens, Ohio 45701
 Artist: Troubled Loners
 Name of Recording: _Luck Of The Loners_ (7 songs, ~31
 minutes) and _No Future_ (11 songs,
 ~38 minutes)
 Format: Cassette tape
 Style: Alternative. Uncomplicated, adroit
 and song-oriented; difficult to
 Information: Troubled Loners originals, songs
 that'll dig into your psyche and pop
 up when you least expect it; a fresh
 sound, different from the technically
 precise, inaccessible, polished music
 pushed by the major labels, not that
 there's anything wrong with that
 Price of Recording: $4 to cover cost of tape (with both
 "albums" recorded on it), envelope,
 and stamps.
 Postal Address: Troubled Loners
 c/o Dan Eaglin
 3343 Schoenbeck Rd.
 Wheeling,IL 60090
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Condo Hostages
 Name of Recording: Ms. Tina Buys the Big Sleep, and
 Other Favorites
 Format: Tape
 Style: Rock 'n roll
 Information: Island Park Recording
 Price of Recording: $7.50 USD + s/h
 Postal Address: 9 Exchange Pl., Ste. 722
 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
 Artist: Hindu Garage Sale
 Name of Recording: Spool
 Format: CD
 Style: Not really easy to classify...
 Been described as "Cyberstoner in
 virtural surreality. Music to have
 sex or smoke too." I just think it
 is good music.
 Information: Check out the electric viola...(Through
 a wah-wah at one point, no less.)
 Price of Recording: Ten Bucks...I'll deal with shipping.
 Postal Address: 3320 Comer Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Violet Arcana (consisting of Jeremy
 Wells [a.k.a. "68000" on Silent
 Records"] and Dave Duddleston)
 Name of Recording: In the Scene of the Mind
 Format: CD
 Style: A cross between Future Sound of
 London & This Mortal Coil--dreamy
 vocal techno
 Information: Violet Arcana was originally started by
 Silent/PulseSoniq Records recording
 artist Jeremy Wells, also known as
 68000. The idea was to use etherial
 vocals while combining interesting
 sound design and techno influences.
 Audio/visual samplers are available via
 anonymous FTP: ftp to "" and
 go to /pub/arcana. Violet Arcana is
 published through EinProdukt, in
 Portland, OR.
 Price of Recording: $10.00 US + $2.00 S/H
 Postal Address: EinProdukt
 PO Box 19142
 Portland, OR
 FAX 503-649-3461.
 E-mail Address:
 Artist contact:
 Artist: Falafel Boy
 Name of Recording: Falafel Boy
 Format: Chrome Cassette
 Style: Garage Rock / Wacky Pop / Retro to
 early 80's new wave. (Think Blondie
 meets Too Much Joy meets Dinosaur Jr.)
 Information: This is a 4 song demo produced in a
 local 8 track studio It has been
 critically reviewed by the bands
 critical bassist as sounding "Pretty
 Good", and has been described by local
 club booking agent, Mal Thursday, as
 both "Kooky" and "Loud". Evan of
 local band, Amanda's Dirty Secret,
 said, "It makes me sweat in all the
 right places"
 Price of Recording: $4.00 includes postage.
 Postal Address: Falafelboynia
 P.O. Box 60554
 Florence, MA 01060-0554
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Buddha on the Moon
 Release/Format: _...safer than halcyon..._(tape)
 _Alles ist Gut!_(compilation 7")
 _A Star is Broken_(7"),
 and an upcoming CD (yet untitled)
 Style: "barefoot shoegazing", something like
 Galaxie 500 meets My Bloody Valentine,
 lots of jangle and fuzz and such with
 laidback vocals
 Info: lineup has varied from a one man four-
 track project to a four-piece two
 guitars/bass/drums ensemble. currently
 the "band" is in formational transit
 of sorts, drifting back to the solo
 project thing, although the album and
 other available recordings feature the
 Price: tape - $2
 7" - $3
 CD - not available until April '94
 Mailing Address: farrago records
 p.o. box 130148
 houston, texas 77219-0148
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Dyn@mutt
 Release/Format: _Alles ist Gut!_ (compilation 7")
 _Hamster Wheel_ (cassette)
 an upcoming CD (available in February
 of '94).
 Style: Raging scientist punk rock. Lots of
 energy, lots of time changes, and lots
 of melody. Kinda like Minutemen meet
 Superchunk at a Knitting Factory avant
 jazz night or something.
 Info: Three piece thing. Guitar, bass,
 drums. No frills. No waiting.
 Price: 7" - $3 (oh, yeah, all prices are
 cassette - $3
 Mailing Address: farrago records
 p.o. box 130148
 houston, texas 77219-0148
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Lozenge
 Release/Format: _Alles ist Gut!_ (compilation 7")
 7" single coming out sometime in
 April of '94.
 Style: Klingklang jazznoize industrial jam.
 Reminiscent of band like Boredoms,
 Dog Faced Hermans, Barkmarket, and
 Info: Accordion/Singer, Fretless Bass, and
 two drummer/percussionists. Sorta
 like a god-sized coffee-can full of
 boulders and scrap metal shaken,
 not stirred.
 Price: 7" - $3.
 Mailing Address: farrago records
 p.o. box 130148
 houston, texas 77219-0148
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: T-minus 10
 Name of Recording: Clockwise
 Format: Cassette
 Style: Alternative Rock, with English and
 European influences (no retro '70s
 Information: Four piece guitar oriented band, pl-
 aying all originals. Guitar sounds
 blend both acoustic 12-string and
 electric rhythm with tasteful, edgy
 leads. Vocals are biting and melodic at
 times with three part harmony backing
 vocals. All thirteen songs recorded and
 produced at Mission Control Productions,
 our very own studio on an AKAI MG614
 four track. It actually sounds better
 than any studio work we have done in the
 past few years! Buy a tape, ADA, and
 Price: $6.00
 Postal Address: T-minus 10
 c/o 19 Morton Street
 Fall River, MA 02720
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: David Dixon
 Name of Recording: Wishes
 Format: Tape
 Style: Contemporary Instrumental
 (I don't like the term "new age")
 Information: The tape is about half solo piano,
 half synthesizer. Elements of Jim
 Chappell, techno, Patrick O'Hearn,
 Ray Lynch, and Suzanne Ciani.
 Price of Recording: $9 (including shipping) (tape is 43
 mins. long)
 Postal Address: 4021 Piedmont Ave., #1
 Oakland, CA 94611
 (510) 653-3846
 E-mail address:
 Artist: The Head Cooks
 Name of Recording: Five
 Format: Tape
 Style: Rock and Roll
 Information: the Head Cooks are 5 people playing 2
 guitars, bass, drums, and flute.
 We're centered in Raleigh, NC; playing
 local clubs for about 15 months now and
 generating a local following. We've
 just finished producing "Five" which
 is but a tiny fraction of the original
 material we play out. Influences run
 the route from straight up rock and
 roll to punk to jazz to blues and
 twang. The five songs on "Five"
 (get it?) represent the diversity of
 our music. We play assertive, lyr-
 ical, dynamic rock and roll.
 Price of Recording: $6.25 (includes $1.25 first class
 postage to anywhere in the continental
 Postal Address: the Head Cooks
 1905 Quail Ridge Rd.
 Raleigh, NC 27609
 Email Address:
 Name of Recording: Looking From A Hilltop (e.p.),
 Inside And Out and more!
 Format: 7-inch singles
 Style: Jangly Indie-Pop
 Information: Literate and evocative guitar-based
 Britpop influenced by The Smiths,
 Field Mice, REM, JAMC, Cure,
 Beatles etc.
 Price of Recording: 2.75(e.p.),2 (Pounds Sterling, write to
 Andrew Austin and Karen at the address
 below for more details.)
 Postal Address: c/o Pillarbox Red Records,
 1, The Spinneys,
 Malling Street,
 East Sussex BN7 2RN
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: KiNGSiZE
 Name of Recording: Tales of Ordinary Madness
 Format: Cassette (chrome tape)
 Style: Crunchy garage-rock-pop
 Information: We've been playing around Chicago for
 a few months, to good response. Our
 influences include the Milkshakes,
 Cramps (a little) and other garage-
 type stuff without the overt sixties'
 touches (our sound is pretty stripped
 down). Our tape was recorded on 2"
 tape and sounds great. We're looking
 for a record deal of some type.
 Price of recording: $7.00 ppd (9 songs)
 Postal Address: KiNGSiZE c/o Patrick Luckett
 924 N. Noble #2F
 Chicago, IL 60622
 e-mail address:
 From: VAX2::IN%""
 Artist: Dog Hunch
 Name of recordings: End of the World
 Jack Death
 Format: both on 7" vinyl
 Style: punk/blues/swamp rock
 comparable to Nick Cave
 Tom Waits, Gallon Drunk,
 Info: Signed to London's Clawfist label.
 First album to be recorded in '94.
 Supported Sioxsie and the Banshees,
 Kingmaker and Gallon Drunk in '93.
 Had Melody Maker single of the week
 with End of the World in Jan '93.
 Price of recording: E.O.W currently out of stock
 Jack Death - 1 pound 50 (UK)
 Postal address: 21 New Church Rd,
 Hove, East Sussex,
 BN3 4AD, England
 E-mail address:
 Artist: wendel doesnt mind
 Name of recording: New Life
 Format: cassette tape----11 songs
 Style: Guitar based alternative rock
 from loud distortion to soft melodies.
 Instrumentation: guitar, bass, and vocals.
 Information: This album was engineered by
 Steve Albini in Chicago.
 The band is based in Los Angeles
 and the guitarist is going deaf.
 Price of recording: 5 dollars, postage included.
 Make checks payable to Chris Young.
 Postal Address: 8306 Wilshire Blvd. #983
 Los Angeles, CA 90211
 E-mail Address: eey9...@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU
 Artist: Zorch
 Name of Recording: Sqreal Zorch
 Format: Cassette tape
 Sqreal Zorch - Lock the cats out of
 the room and turn it up.
 Side A:
 Sqreal Zorch I 1:25
 Mutually Consecutive 6:44
 eXult 7:02
 Say So 15:46
 Side B:
 1st ZX-81 stuff 24:09
 In here with me 4:05
 Unverschlossene Sendung 12:36
 Style: Experimental Weirdness
 Information: I am not a number, I am a man!
 Price of Recording: $7.95 + $2.00 S+H
 Postal Address: Peterson Enterprises
 P.O. Box 304
 Haydenville, MA
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Sam Garforth
 Name of Recording: Wendy House in Cannes
 Format: Cassette
 Information: Solo. Fine in studio but looking for
 a way to get exposure as one person
 looks quite boring on stage.
 Price of recording: One pound for tape plus postage and packing.
 Postal address: 19, Western Road
 Winchester, England, UK.
 E-mail Address:
 Artist: Rooster Head
 Name of Recording: Tasting Your Molester(8 song EP-1993),
 Barnyard Delights(1992)
 An American Cock in Paris(1991)
 A Legendary Cock(1990)
 Format: Tape, except for Barnyard Delights
 which is on CD as well
 Style: Ecclectic Pop/Rock
 Brief Description: Incredibly well written music, coupled
 with clever, intellegent, and usually
 quite humorous lyrics. Extremly diverse
 and creative with styles including
 country, folk, and, of course, rock.
 If you like The Beatles, you will like
 Rooster Head.
 Price of recording: $3.00 for a demo tape with selections
 from all of the releases
 $8.00 for tapes
 $10.00 for CD - Barnyard Delights
 only - 17 tunes
 All prices include postage.
 Address: Rooster Head
 c/o Jeff Jones
 11500 NW 37th Place
 Sunrise, FL 33323
 E-mail address:
 email for more info - I've got lots of it.
 Artist: LUNK
 Name of Recording: Voice of America
 (cassette dub of CD master),
 Mighty Sword b/w Pluck Them Out
 (7" 45),
 Double Bogus Terminator
 (4-song cassette).
 Format: I'll dump a cassette of anything
 for $5.
 Style: Psychotic grundge. Compared to early
 Butthole Surfers, with William
 Burroughs singing. That seems fair.
 Information: Snailmail, email to address below.
 Price of Recording: Like I said, I'll do anything for $5.
 Postal Address: LUNK
 1448 Fernside Blvd,
 Alameda, CA 94501
 E-mail Address:
 artist: Tall Poppies
 name of tape: Fields of Addiction
 format: tape
 style: the alternative to the Halifax alt-
 ernative scene. these guys can play
 their instruments. the singer has a
 wickedly elastic untrained voice that
 can get a crowd without a plaid give-
 away at the end of the show. they
 sound kind of like the Lemonheads/
 R.E.M./Morrisey and with a heavy
 individual style too that's kept
 them at number three on the halifax
 Sam's indie top ten for a month with
 good prospects of going national soon.
 price: about 6 dollars, they'd probably want
 something to ship with too.
 Address: you can get a hold of Mike Riley,
 the bass player through snail-mail at
 48 Smith ave.
 Dartmouth, N.S.
 Canada, B2V-??? (look it up please)
 PRICE: TAPE $5.00 (S&H INCL.),
 COOL) $8.00
 STICKERS $12.00.
 Artist: Liquid
 Name of Recording: Rane
 Format: tape
 Style: mostly acoustic, some covers from
 Screaming Trees, The Cult, Alt-
 ernative - side 2: live recordings,
 Information: Dylan Gaughan -- vocals
 Steve Hendricks -- guitar, electric
 and 12-string acoustic
 Boz Hicks -- drums, percussion
 Price of Recording: $6.00 shipping included
 Internet Address:
 Name of Recording: NOBODY'S FATHER
 Format: Cassette
 Sytle: Country Folk Blues
 Information: Nine songs. Guest appearances by
 Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pete Kennedy,
 & John Jennings. Strong songwriting.
 Finger-style guitar
 Price of Recording: $10 PPD
 Postal Address: Hungry for Music
 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 384
 Washington, DC 20006
 E-mail address:
 Name of Recording: PAUSE
 Format: Cassette
 Style: Country Folk Blues
 Information: Four Songs. Guest appearances by
 Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pete Kennedy,
 & John Jennings. Strong Songwriting.
 Finger-style guitar
 Price of Recording: $5 PPD
 Postal Address: Hungry For Music
 2020 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 384
 Washington, DC 20006
 Artist: emiLy
 Name of Recording: "Finer Time"
 3 songs, recorded in September 1993
 "Walking Home on the Emergency Bed"
 17 songs, 54 minutes, recorded in
 April 1993
 Format: Seven-inch (Finer...)
 Cassette (Walking Home...)
 Style: This is the part I really hate. We
 play music. It sounds kind of like
 what might result if you threw Jaw-
 breaker, DC stuff, Rites of Spring,
 American Music Club, and an inept
 love of jazz in a blender and pureed
 the mixture into a fine mush.
 Information: We are three fine young men who own
 and operate musical instruments and
 occasionally stir fry. Joe plays
 guitar and sings, Mike plays bass,
 and Doug plays drums. Buster plays
 his face but he doesn't actually have
 anything to do with the band, seeing
 as he is a cartoon. But seriously, we
 want to play in your town sometime.
 Write or e-mail if interested.
 Price of Recording: Seven-inch=$3.00 ppd.
 Cassette=$4.00 ppd.
 Seven-inch + Cassette=$5.00 ppd.
 Your best buy!
 Plus free catalog available
 (Rent to Own Records)
 Postal Address: Rent to Own Records
 79 High Street
 Newtown, PA 18940
 e-mail address:
 ARTIST: various(whirlybird, herschel,
 jolly mortals, swank)
 FORMAT: 7" record
 STYLE: from indie pop to punk
 INFORMATION: this is a compilation 7" featuring
 four bands from virginia. whirlybird
 has been described as having a strong
 pop-punk sound with lots of hooks and
 vocal harmonies. herschel has a
 dronier noise pop sound. jolly mortals
 have more hooks than a tackle box
 thrown into their melodic punk and
 sometimes heavy sound. swank ends the
 record with an energetic ska-esque
 collage of melodies.
 PRICE OF RECORDING: $3 post-paid
 POSTAL ADDRESS: whirled records
 po box 5431
 richmond, va 23220
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 basis. This list is set up to link artists with people who are
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