Behold the Tartan!

A few years ago I was searching the Internet aimlessly (I have a habit of doing that) and I stumbled onto information about the Newfoundland Tartan. Little did i know the history of it. Seems that a member of my family was responsible for designing the Tartan.

I have a few friends from the Isles and I have always been impressed that they have a tartan, a coat of arms or some other family heirloom that reaches back into the annals of history. I like history and I appreciate when someone can say “I can track my heritage back to the Mayflower” or “My great-great-great-grand father was killed for treason against the Lower Canada government”. I love it.

Kilt-less and tartan-less, I’ve always envied them. Except…

For a North American urban-Jewish guy, I can say, without a doubt that I’m as close to having my own tartan by claiming the Newfoundland Tartan!

Thanks to Nancy I have a scarf that she picked up for me the last time she went home to St. John’s.

I now own the Wilansky family colours.


2 responses to “Behold the Tartan!”

  1. Mark Avatar

    Hey Warren,
    did I tell you I have a swatch of the tartan framed?
    btw I’m in Ottawa now and I started my new job – it’s good so far!

  2. Warren Avatar

    Well, I’ll have to come see you in Ottawa! Looking forward to hearing about the new job.