Destiny’s Daughter

A few years ago I realized that there was virtually nothing to be found online about the only local, moderately successful band I was every a member of, Thelma. I vowed at the time to put together archives of the other bands I was in and upload some old recordings. It took a few years of plodding along to finally get myself posting regularly here and now that I am, it’s Destiny’s Daughter time.

In the early 1990’s myself, Avrum Nadigel, Stuart Bassel and Jason Rockman formed Destiny’s Daughter out of a couple of jams doing Led Zeppelin covers. In hindsight, I think the name is terrible but over a short run we managed to play a few good shows (mostly at Station 10) and released a cassette EP that actually sold a few hundred copies.

Looking back, I would describe DD as a pretty straightforward rock band. While Avrum and Jason were at the time into more alternative music Stuart and myself weren’t, yet. While we never got much local press, our circle of friends and friends of friends really liked the band. We were popular at local summer camps and among our high school buddies. I’m quite proud of the EP we recorded and I think the song writing was pretty strong for a bunch of suburban kids.

We were loud, but not crass. Jason was an incredible singer but wasn’t going where he wanted to musically. Avrum also wanted to experiment more and I don’t think Stuart or I were really into it at that point. This explains why the band eventually broke up and Avrum and Jason went on to found Slaves On Dope, which Jason is still an active member in 20 years later!

Here are some MP3’s from our EP “Are You Listening?” for you to enjoy, if you are at all interested. 🙂




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