Washington Capitals 3 – Montreal Canadiens 2

We were lucky this year to be able to share a couple of season tickets with a Friend of Plank. As a result, we got access to about 10 games in this strike shortened season. While there still are a series of playoff games to come, this loss to the Washington Capitals was my the last game of the regular season.

Sharing the experience with ex-Planker, legal eagle, hockey fanatic Allen Mendelsohn is always a treat and a chance to watch the man stress, cheer and yell at the “boys” to get moving. Unfortunately, no matter what Allen did, we lost a tight game where neither team really dominated, except for well, Alexander Ovechkin. No matter, by clinching a spot in the playoffs a few days later, our Habs are well placed for a good run at the Cup.

After a few hot dogs and a couple of beers, Allen got to end the evening by meeting Miss Anna Galchenyuk.

Washington: A. Ovechkin (07:50 – 2nd) , E. Fehr (09:36 – 2nd) , J. Hillen (05:33 – 3rd)
Montreal: L. Eller (15:44 – 1st) , L. Eller (16:38 – 3rd)


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