Owner Camp 004, Captiva Island, FL

In late 2012 I got an email from a stranger who I knew of and really respected, Greg Hoy of Happy Cog. If you aren’t in the web development world, you may have no clue who Greg or Happy Cog is, but to digital nerds like me, he’s a well-respected dude. He invited me to an event I never heard of but once I did a bit of research, I realized it was meant for me.

Owner Camp (originally called Shop Talk Conference) is a 3-4 day event where a small group of digital company owners get together to discuss off the record, the challenges of running our little (or not so little) companies. It’s an opportunity for everyone to share openly and learn from each other. It ended up also being a place where I’ve made friends and built up a lot of confidence in my ability to run Plank.

I have since then gone back 2 other times, one of which was held in Florida (as you can see from the photo above). I do hope I get the opportunity to go back again (and again) since it’s the one conference that I feel has a direct impact on my ability to make Plank a better company.



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