Quebec City, QC

After a few intense months at work I decided that I needed a long weekend away from the city to just unwind, and have a change of scenery. After considering a few options near-by (Boston / New York City) I decided on Quebec City. I realized that it had been so long since I visited that I’d completely forgot what the city looked like. That was a good enough reason for me to make the short train ride 3 hours north.

I had no goals for this trip, aiming just to walk around, eat some good food, take some photos and rest up. I spent most of my time wandering the streets of the Old City and taking in all the expected tourist spots. One thing that I wasn’t expecting while I was in town was for Comic Con Quebec to be happening, and right next to my hotel. I spent an afternoon there to take in the geeky merchandise and costumes.

If you’ve never been to Quebec City, I recommend it. It was as beautiful as I expected and a great place to spend a quiet long weekend.


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