As 2022 comes to an end, I had a pretty quiet day today with a few damp walks around the Plateau, Mile End and Little Italy. While walking through Jeanne Mance Park this morning, I ran into a thick patch of fog that dissipated once I got past Monument à sir George-Étienne Cartier.

After two weeks off of work — one of those weeks spent in New Orleans, one week in Montreal and a surprise Xmas eve and day in Toronto — I’m ready to and need to return to work. I’m now getting to that point where what we were doing before the break is long enough ago that I’m starting to feel like the weather today; foggy. The intensity, responsibility and passion for the work, our clients, our partners and most importantly, our team seems like it was long ago. While there is something nice about the peacefulness that rest brings, I need more than that and can’t wait to see what work at Plank has in store for 2023.


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