The Tragically Hip, Université de Montréal CEPSUM, Montréal, QC



Little Bones — Courage (for Hugh Maclennan) — Twist My Arm — We’ll Go Too — New Orleans Is Sinking — Pigeon Camera — Lionized — The Last Of The Unplucked Gems — Cordelia — Bring It All Back — Opiated — Wheat Kings — Looking For A Place To Happen — Blow At High Dough — At The Hundredth Meridian — Locked In The Trunk Of A Car — On The Verge

First Encore

Fully Completely — The Luxury — The Wherewithal

Second Encore

Three Pistols

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3 responses to “The Tragically Hip, Université de Montréal CEPSUM, Montréal, QC”

  1. Cynthia Avatar

    Awesome show.
    I’m trying to remember if it was this show that the Devlins opened for them.
    Anyone remember?

  2. Warren Wilansky Avatar

    Hey Cynthia.

    I really don’t remember if the Devlins opened. I can’t believe that this show was 25 years ago!

  3. Andrew Graham Avatar
    Andrew Graham

    I was at this show and I remember the show started with 1000 people in the stands and 1000 on the floor. By the time New Orleans is sinking was played there were 2000 people on the floor and none in the stands. Gord in the middle of New Orleans is Sinking was telling the crowd to be careful … that someone was going to get hurt. It was a wild true early hip show. Unforgettable.

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