Blues Traveller, Cafe Campus, Montreal, QC

For a few years, I became obsessed with a few of the jam bands of this era. The one that I discovered first was Blues Traveler. When I learned that they were coming to Montreal and playing the tiny original Cafe Campus, I was ecstatic.

While John Popper wasn’t in great shape — he was on crutches after a recent motorcycle accident — the show itself was much more than I expected. It was a fantastic set of music and a pleasure to get to see this band in front of fewer than hundred people.  Just a few years before they became very popular, they were still deeply into the blues and less poppy than later on in their career.

John Popper was an impressive force to see to live.

First Set

Crash Burn — Dropping Some NYC — Optimistic Thought — Save His Soul — Go Outside & Drive — Mulling It Over — What’s for Breakfast — Spinning Spiraling Machine — Sweet Talking Hippie

Second Set

100 Years > Sweet Pain — NY Prophesie — Believe Me — But Anyway — Whoops — Ivory Tusk — Mountain Cry


Johnny B. Goode


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