Lollapalooza: Ile Ste-Helene, Montreal, QC

Main Stage

The Smashing Pumpkins: Rhinoceros — Rocket — Disarm — Quiet — I Am One — Soma — Geek U.S.A. — Mayonaise — Today — Cherub Rock — Hummer — Silverfuck / Over the Rainbow — Starla

Beastie Boys, George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars, The Breeders, A Tribe Called Quest, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, L7, Boredoms

Second Stage

The Flaming Lips — The Verve — Luscious Jackson — Palace Songs — Girls Against Boys

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7 responses to “Lollapalooza: Ile Ste-Helene, Montreal, QC”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Pretty sure Hole played on the main stage too…

    1. Warren Wilansky Avatar

      Hey Jason! Hole played the main stage in 1995.

  2. Brian Hickey Avatar
    Brian Hickey

    Thank you so much for posting this. It was one of my best memories from growing up in the best city in the world as I too am a born and bred Montrealer. What a lineup!! I remember Beasties stealing the show with great performances by Luscious Jackson, and of course Smashing Pumpkins. My childhood crew is interviewed twice in the video!! What a surprise. This made my day.

  3. Joe Avatar

    I do not know how i missed this. WTF? I worked hotel nite audit with Sun-Mon off. Shitty life. I must have slept thru it. I do not remember any ads?! I attended shows but this escaped me! C’est la vie.

  4. Clint McConnell Avatar
    Clint McConnell

    Thanks so much for posting this! I was attending a semester at Université Laval at that time. I made a Canadian friend who had a car and he told me Lollapalooza is in Montreal so we went. It was by far the best concert that I’ve been to and so many legendary artists! At the time who knew? So glad I decided to go at the spur of the moment! Flaming Lips on the 2nd stage were unreal. I remember the Beastie Boys and George Clinton totally killing it on the Main Stage. So many great bands and a beautiful park environment. Great memories!

  5. jonathan grondines Avatar
    jonathan grondines

    I was there that was so amazing ! ALL Bands were good , even the monk at arrival were good !!

  6. Lisa D Avatar
    Lisa D

    Such good memories!!!

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