Phish, Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI


Sample in a Jar, The Old Home Place, Uncle Pen, Funky Bitch

First Set

Runaway Jim -> Foam, If I Could, Split Open and Melt, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Uncle Pen, I Didn’t Know, Possum

Second Set

Guyute, Digital Delay Loop Jam -> David Bowie[1], Halley’s Comet > The Lizards, Hold Your Head Up > Cracklin’ Rosie > Hold Your Head Up, Good Times Bad Times


My Long Journey Home[2], Sleeping Monkey

[1] Whistling and a “Lassie” chant.
[2] Acoustic.

· Dueling Banjos tease in Runaway Jim
· Dueling Banjos and L.A. Woman teases in Possum
· Also Sprach Zarathustra and The Fishin’ Hole teases in David Bowie
· Heartbreaker and Stairway to Heaven teases in Good Times Bad Times
· Spill the Wine tease

Notes: Unlike many Runaway Jim and Foam combos, the opening to this show contained an actual segue between the two songs. Runaway Jim and Possum included Dueling Banjos teases. Possum also included an L.A. Woman tease. Before Guyute, Trey teased Spill the Wine. This epic Bowie, which times out at nearly 34 minutes, included whistling and a “Lassie” chant, a brief 2001 tease from Mike, and a whistled tease of Fishin’ Hole. GTBT included Heartbreaker and Stairway to Heaven teases. My Long Journey Home was performed acoustic. The soundcheck’s Sample was only one verse. This show was officially released as Live Phish 20.




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    John camp

    My first phish show!

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