Rilo Kiley, Cabaret Music Hall, Montreal, QC

I have to be honest, I don’t remember much about going to this show and while I was unable to find a definitive source for the official setlist, seems that they were playing the same songs each night at other shows on the tour.

It’s a Hit > Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight That Surrounds You > Portions for Foxes > Accidntel Deth > I Never > Pull Me In Tighter > So Long > More Adventurous > Ripchord > The Absence of God > The Execution of All Things > Love and War (11/11/46) > The Good That Won’t Come Out > Paint’s Peeling > Does He Love You? > Wires and Waves

Encore: 85 > Spectacular Views (Jenny + Blake duet)


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