High School Bands

From my mid-teens until my late 20’s I was always in bands. At 14 I got my first Bass, a $250.00 Black and White Ibanez beauty, well, at least to an in bloom pubescent teen. Two weeks later, I had my first of hundred and hundreds of jam sessions.

None of the bands ended up being anything remarkable although we played a few great shows, got some decent local press (well, one of the 6 bands I was in) and wrote some good songs. I had a lot of fun and by the end I was a pretty decent bass player, thank you very much. I still run into people who tell me that they every so often throw on one of our cassettes.

Early on the bands mainly veered towards Classic and Pop rock and towards the end were a lot louder, more obnoxious and edgier. In 10 years we had gone from playing Go-Go’s covers to getting banned from Foufounes Electrique and trying to start a fight with a now well-known musician. Good times.

I have QUITE a few mp3’s to anchor some future posts with select nuggets. If you are interested I have some recordings, live shows and some other assorted recordings of other great bands from the Montreal scene in the 90’s.

Why all the reminiscing?

After an almost 10 year hiatus of playing music almost exclusively on my couch I have decided that I am going to be working at building back up those calluses and get playing again. The creative juices at Plank have satisfied me but it’s time to reawaken the Old Beast of Rock!


2 responses to “High School Bands”

  1. HabsFan29 Avatar

    Awesome mullet!!

  2. krauszy Avatar

    i sometimes find myself singing “down in the valley”.
    it just kinda creeps into my mind.
    glad to hear your going to revive the old calluses.