Thelma, 1995-1997

Thelma, 1995-1997


In the mid-90’s I was in a band called Thelma. Of all the bands that I have been in Thelma was the one that I was proudest of, therefore the first one I’m going to post about. In hindsight it was clearly the most original, inventive and successful vs. any of the others that I was in. We played some good shows, met some great people and created a little bit of drama. There was something just special about it and I still wonder if we really wanted to push it, how far it could have gone.

Thelma was Avrum Nadigel, Alan Beacom, myself and at first Eric Cohen on drums and then Dan Cyr.

In digging through my computer’s archives I managed to dig up a lot of fun stuff about Thelma.

So, if you remember the band or just want to see what was going on in one little, moderately/locally popular band from Montreal from the mid-90’s that no one would remember, enjoy some of the info & mp3’s posted below.

MP3’s (more to come as I encode them!):

Stuck in Snow
Pretty Pink Spots
Crack Bitch [Early Demo]
The Devil Song
Three Chords [rough mix]
Talents [Live at Isart]
Sunny Days [with some really bad audio glitches, i think I’ve had some data corruption, i’ll re-encode]. It’s also a very, very rough mix.
I don’t like it
In A Town: Scratch Mix

Shows Played:

10.19.95 @ Purple Haze Showbar w/Dark Cave
11.23.95 @ Annie’s Pub w/Goldfish
12.14.95 @ Purple Haze Showbar w/Willow
01.06.96 @ Stornaway Art Gallery w/Mischima, Mobius Strip & Tiny Green Specks. Invincible Ink Launch
01.13.96 @ Bar Voltaire w/ Slowly Going Deaf
01.27.96 @ Reggie’s Pub w/ Marlowe & Rosebuddy
03.23.96 @ Cafe Bistro 4, Acoustic @ YAWP! @ Bistro 4
03.30.96 @ Cafe Beenz, Acoustic show
04.20.96 @ Isart Art Gallery w/AdamtoZoe, Grime, Beverly, Frog Machine, Mischima, Cheesecake Circus, Stony, Madison Drive & Joyful Road
04.24.96 @ Bar Foufounes Electrique w/Bandit Queen
05.11.96 @ Cafe Bistro 4 w/Martha Wainright, Khan Saad Zia, Zofin, Christine Deita & Colin MacKenzie
05.22.96 @ Cafe Choas w/Grime & Bless This Mess
09.26.96 @ Mea Culpa Loft w/Mea Culpa
11.14.96 @ Cabaret Show Bar w/John S. Hall, Sofa, Knurl, Lee Gotham & Rick Trembles, Steve Godin, Heather O’Neill, Jonny Goldstein, She-Man, Los Infernos, Alison Katz, Colin MacKenzie and the Hostess of the Grossest, Jake Brown
11.24.96 @ Theatre Rique
11.27.96 @ Dawson College Cafeteria
11.30.96 @ Kali Gallery
12.06.96 @ Jailhouse Show Bar
12.13.96 @ Bar Foufounes Electrique
01.25.97 @ Reggie’s Pub w/William



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  1. “Thelma was the one that I was proudest of…”

    I hope this doesn’t sound too shlocky Wilansky, but all those jams, discussions in your CSL duplex, the cockroach infested apt in Satmar-land and brunches in the plateau… your influence can be seen in every creative venture I’ve been involved with. Those were golden days.

  2. Wow, that’s high praise. It’s probably one of the reasons I have been fighting myself to get in playing music seriously again. While at the end of the Thelma run I was proud to get some compliments on my bass playing, it was you who gave me the highest praise.

    You once said to me that, i forget the actual wording, that while I may not bring technically perfection to the table that my sense of melody always won out.

    I still remember my bass lines to the acoustic “Mayor of Banff” performances and I am super proud.

    I will upload those first. I have Cafe Beenz recordings on Cassettes somewhere.

  3. LOL I still have my old Destiny’s Daughter tape… I remember going to see you play with Thelma once, but the only thing I really remember about that show was a man squeezing milk from his nipples.

  4. Jennifer, guess what? I’ll be posting some Destiny’s Daughter stuff next! I remember that show you went to. They were interesting times….

  5. “I still remember my bass lines to the acoustic ”Mayor of Banff” performances and I am super proud…”

    I just picked up the guitar and played that tune. God, I haven’t done that in years.

  6. I have the proof…
    “Locals At Large” – Jamie O’Meara
    The Hour Magazine – 11.07.96

    You said…

    “We’re getting shows like crazy,” he continues, “and they’re all on the periphery of the music scene, in the arts. We’re staying right at the edges – I’d much rather play with some guy who spits milk out of his nipples than another Seattle-sounding Montreal band. We all need a new way to approach playing music in Montreal and I’d like to think that we’ve found it.”

  7. wow. this is amazing!!!! I just dug up our demo and listened to it right through! What a band! Warren do you have a recording of that song we did with the violin?

  8. Eric! I do somewhere. We never did a final mix of it but i think I have a few rough ones somewhere. I’ll get them up!

  9. Oh man, I’d love to hear that song (violin) again. Is that the one about my Zaddie? If so, I’ve been recording his brother (my Great Uncle) for the past 4 years or so (he’s 94). Most of the interviews are about Swalki, Poland and the shit they went through. How cool would it be if we remixed the tune with some of his comments?

  10. If anyone has access to an 8-track 1/2 inch reel to reel and a decent board, we could definitely remix it! I have one reel (were there 2?) in my house.

  11. re: Sunnydays

    I whine like an Ashkenaz bitch. And to make things worse, my gushing for Perry Farrell is all over that song. Ugh.

    I played bass on 3 Chords… so that means you played guitar. Ha. I remember that.

  12. Holy Crap… It’s Alan… It’s Alan!!

    Religions all over the world are awaiting their resurrected one’s, yet Warren, with a simple blog, resurrected Alan. A miracle has been witnessed on March 8, 2008.

  13. Thelma remains the most visceral moment in my humble life of music.It was bloody and it smelled some and taught me alot about the joy of letting go and being a spectacle.Av certainly led the charge on that front,I’m never going to be very good at being large, but you all made me feel part of something that was unapologetically itself.It was a really good time and at the center of the carnival a really great band.Stuck in Snow is a gorgeous piece of work…

  14. Alan. Wow, those are some really deep words, and ones I would agree with completely. Thelma holds a very strange place for me that is different for all of you as that was the last “band” I was in. I still play and I’m trying to get something together again, but I haven’t had a “real band” since then. This company of mine thankfully has kept a good lot of other creative juices flowing.

  15. wow. i just re-listened to stuck in now, and I must agree that it is a gorgeous piece of work… on everybody’s part!!! I also re-affirmed my love for Devil’s Song. We were an amazingly unique band! Re-union time!!!!

    if you want to hear some of the music I have been making lately… check out my noise band (actually it is very melodic drums n’ frequencies) called Interceiving:
    I am also in a band called Balboa – we do exclusively the music from Rocky movies:

  16. Av… ask and you will receive. Here’s the first of much more to come. I think this will be a real treat…

    Last song. Cafe Beenz. Singing, Playing and Banter. March 31st, 1996.

    See above!!!

  17. I totally forgot about “I Don’t Like It”…funny stuff(and dead on
    about the Weezer-ness,Av.)
    What was the name of that tune that we had the violist who played violin join us on?What was here name?Christie,was it?She’s was nice people.But what was the SONG called?It’s been driving me nuts since this page was set up?Help!!
    Also does anyone have Thelma photos? Just curious.And finally,Av,do you still have the hat with the flower on the front that gave something of a “Blossom” feel?You guys remember that show,”Blossom”?When Av wore the flower hat and the lipstick?Man,that was “Blossom” on acid.
    Ciao from Macau

  18. Alan….

    I just posted up the song In A Town. Sorry for the rough mix but I think it was an earlier one and I can’t find a version that was more polished.

    BTW, I do have some Thelma photos (where do you think I got the one above from!). I’ll dig some up. Does anyone else have any?

  19. Also does anyone have Thelma photos?
    I wish. My wife doesn’t believe my eyeliner and lipstick stories.

    Av,do you still have the hat with the flower on the front that gave something of a “Blossom” feel?”

    Un, in one word…no.

    I just posted up the song In A Town.

    A little hard to listen to as it jogs up memories of how badly I wanted to be Perry Farrell a la:

    I can’t find a version that was more polished.

    We did a few live versions, no?

    Thanks for the uploads Warren.

  20. heh heh. awesome. just found this. brings back memories. i listened back to ‘stuck in snow’ awhile ago and was totally digging it. that mbv sound.

  21. Alex!

    So cool of you to drop by and find this. I hope things are good with you and if I remember correctly I heard you had recently released something? I’m I right?


  22. Hey Warren,

    Remember me? Merlin, Stony, Adamtozoe, It’s Alive!… I mixed some of the songs on “the sun shines from our behinds”.
    This is so funny. I was working on a song the other day and I realized it had the same chord progression as “Stuck In Snow”. I dug up your demo cassette to listen to it. I always loved that song. Then I googled Thelma just for fun, and there you were! It also got me wondering about what Avrum was up to. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in years.
    I like your musical history site. I actually made one for myself a few years back. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
    I just added some stuff that coming to your site made me remember. Avrum and I had a project called Gingee for a very short while in ’98 with a singer named Tiff. We played one show at Isart and recorded one song.
    Anyways, hey to Eric and Alan as well (if you happen to read this). Hope you guys are all well.

  23. Jon!

    So great to hear from you and I’m excited to go through your website.

    I have lots of good memories from the Thelma days and I think the It’s Alive recording one the only live recording that really captured what we were all about. I still have Talents but I was wondering if you had any of the other recordings of us from that show? I would love to hear them.

  24. So glad I found this! I found an old cassette tape with the song Stuck in Snow and I really wanted to hear it again. It was always one of my favorite songs.

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