South by Southwest [SXSWi] 2009, Austin, TX

So, this one time at SXSW…

I was at a party with four other members of the Plank team, and we stumbled upon a mechanical bull. I glanced at everyone, and they shook their heads “no”. I paused to consider the kind of physical shape I was in at the time (below average) and concluded that if I got on that bull, that I was going to get seriously hurt. On the other hand, one of us had to get on it. One of us had to do the whole team proud and have a funny photo and silly story. So, as a good leader, I did what I had to, I got on the bull.

I don’t think I lasted more than three seconds but it was thrilling, and everyone had a good laugh at my expense. Was it worth multiple bruises on my inner thigh and days of trouble walking? You bet.


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