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  • Owner Summit 2019, Austin, TX

    The faces of Joe Rinaldi’s Bureau of Digital.

  • SXSW 2018

    After seven years away from SXSW, I recently spent five days in Austin with the hopes that I would get something out of this massive event. I’ve already gone into detail why I decided to stop attending in 2011, and the reasons why I changed my mind this time around here. The night before I […]

  • Austin, TX

    Every other time I visited Austin it was for the same reason; to attend South by Southwest Interactive. This time was different, as I came down to attend a Bureau of Digital event, Owner Summit. I managed to tack on an extra day after the event was over so that I could take a bit […]

  • South by Southwest [SXSWi] 2009, Austin, TX

    So, this one time at SXSW… I was at a party with four other members of the Plank team, and we stumbled upon a mechanical bull. I glanced at everyone, and they shook their heads “no”. I paused to consider the kind of physical shape I was in at the time (below average) and concluded […]