Good Food WOW Delivery

Pretty soon after the pandemic hit us in March 2020 — when I realized that I would be spending a lot of time at home — I decided to finally get a weekly subscription to the meal kit company, Good Food. I had considered it a few times before, but given how much I had been travelling, I wasn’t at home consistently enough to cook a series of meals. Almost two years later, I have been preparing three different meals every week and have learned a lot about cooking in the process. Personally, it’s been one of the better things to come out of this global health crisis.

In addition to their meal kits, Good Food offers a growing series of groceries options. I regularly find myself adding a few extra items, but not as my primary source of groceries. I had become aware of their monthly unlimited delivery option for $5.99 but didn’t see a reason to invest in it until recently.

I noticed that the grocery selection with the meal kits had started to get more and more limited over the past few months, so I took a peek at the WOW options, and they had 4x the options to order.

My first order today was surprising and was prepared and delivered in under an hour. Good Food are clearly adjusting their business model to get people like me to spend a lot more money with them.

They succeeded with me.

☁️ Montréal, QC: -13°c / -16°c


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