Hi, I’m Warren Wilansky

I’m Warren Wilansky (he/him), the President of Plank, a digital agency I co-founded over 25 years ago in December 1998. A lifelong Montréaler and resident of the historic Mile-End neighbourhood, I take pride in our little corner of the world (and enjoy taking photos of it regularly).

While I regularly post about Plank-related things, such as our work and culture here, I also enjoy posting about personal hobbies, interests, and travel.

Warren Wilansky

In addition to timely posts about recent events, I enjoy delving into my archive of objects and personal history, so expect to discover some posts that pre-date this website and the modern internet.

While I reserve the right to post about whatever my heart desires, expect to read a lot about Montreal, Travel, Music, Baseball, and Plank.

Before founding Plank, I worked as a freelance designer and did some full-time stints at a few digital agencies, all of which no longer exist. After spending a few years bouncing between Vanier and Dawson College, I graduated from Concordia University with a joint political science and communication studies major.

If you want to discuss anything you enjoy on this site, feel free to send me an email since I’m pretty quick to respond.