Warren Wilansky Headshot

I’m Warren Wilansky, a middle-aged lifelong Montréaler. I’ve been running a great little digital agency named Plank for almost twenty-five years. While we work on a wide range of challenging website projects, our specialization is in arts, entertainment and cultural organization. While I’m proud of all of the hundreds of projects our team has worked on over the years, I’m proud of the long-term collaborations we’ve had on sites like The Canadian Encyclopedia, The Sun Magazine, evenko, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, Centaur Theatre, Carolina Performing Arts and CNE

This is not a blog about current events, internet memes, or what happened to me on my way to work. Instead, expect to see a LOT of posts that predate WordPress, blogs, and even the Web. I will be digging through parts of my life that happened long before I registered warrenwilansky.com. While I reserve the right to post about whatever my heart desires, expect to read a lot about: Montreal, Travel, Music, Baseball, and Silliness. I also have a growing interest in photography and plan to over time migrate everything I post on social media here.

Prior to Plank, I worked as a freelance designer and did some full-time stints at a few digital agencies, all of which no longer exist. I graduated from Concordia University with a joint major in Political Science and Communication Studies after spending a few years bouncing between Vanier and Dawson College. I grew up in Cote St. Luc (Montréal) and have been a proud resident of Mile End / Plateau for the past 25 years.

My goal with this site is not to try and reach out to the wider internet or use it as a platform for becoming an online celebrity — whatever that means — but as a place where those who know me or have an interest in my life can poke around and get to know me a bit better. I plan to use this site as an alternative to posting on social media sites, which I enjoy less and less.