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  • North Vancouver, BC

    North Vancouver, BC

    I’ve visited Vancouver five times, and it’s impressive how much it changes each time. The natural beauty that surrounds it may be one constant, but growth and change define the human experience. When I first visited the city in the mid-1990’s, North Vancouver looked like a small, sleepy suburban extension of the city. Each time […]

  • Pacific Central Station, Vancouver, BC

    Pacific Central Station, Vancouver, BC

    I love to take the train. It may not be the fastest way to travel it is usually the most scenic and the most distraction-free way to get between two cities. When I realized that I would have about four days off between two conferences in Vancouver, I chose to take the Amtrak Cascades to Seattle. Opened in […]

  • Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

    Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

    When I arrived downtown and took a short walk from City Centre stop to my hotel, I passed right by the Vancouver Art Gallery, draped in some mange and octopus-inspired artwork. A quick internet search informed me that the featured exhibit was Takashi Murakami’s “The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg”. While I was only moderately […]