Best of the Economist: May 2012

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One of my weekly rituals that I have been at for over 10 years is reading the weekly edition of The Economist from cover to cover. I’m sure like many I fall behind regularly but since my subscription has gone totally digital and I’m getting it 5-6 days earlier than I did, I’m finding I’m able to get through it before the week starts.

While I lean to the left politically of the Economist, I totally appreciate the quality and depth of their reporting. I  disagree a lot with what they report or the positions they take but at the same time, I do find myself agreeing as well. I feel it’s important to keep my sources of news balanced and comprehensive. Where else in one news magazine can you get coverage about high-tech issues and the most recent coup in Africa? Few other places.

I know that it’s a bit of a heavy read and something that not many people have the time or energy to go through. I recently heard a friend of mine say that all she really wants is someone to give her the most interesting articles from The Economist to read. That got me thinking… hmm… I could do that!

So, here are my 5 favourite articles from this week’s Economist.

Moral quandary Mitt Romney wants to talk about the economy, not social issues. It isn’t working out that way.

The great pipeline battle The energy industry and Stephen Harper’s government try to ensure tar-sands oil gets to market.

The shogun of Osaka A revealing political crackdown on a usually hidden form of art.

Triassic lark It is extraordinary what you can tell from studying fossil bones.

The salesman of Brazil Brazil’s richest man is betting on resources and infrastructure. Can he deliver?




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