Tedx Montreal

TEDx Montreal

Hugh McGuire
The Blurring Line Between Books and the Internet

Ethan Kay
Saving Lives through Clean Cookstoves

Yasaman Sheri
Synthetic biology and mass production

David Dalrymple
A new type of mathematics

Talia Dorsey
Strategic design in the age of complexity

Marshall “Soulful” Jones

Jonathan Brun
Time to upgrade our democracy

Quim Madrenas
How microbes shaped our music

Kyle Seaman
Parenting in the Modern World

Moe Clark
What keeps you alive?

Joe Schwarcz
The importance of skepticism in science

Andrew Emond
Sewers and the underground world

Jake Porway
Big data in the service of humanity

Irreverend James
Taking god out of gospel

Mike Grandinetti
The entrepreneurial renaissance


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